At SEBC, we understand that your safety is of our utmost concern but also an individual responsibility. If you have chosen to stay home and are not yet ready to return to in-person worship, WE SUPPORT YOU! Our service broadcasts are available to watch live on this website (click here) or on YouTube each week. However, if you are curious as to what we have done to assist in your return to worship, we want you to know! Here is a list of some of the steps we have taken to provide  regarding your concerns.

1. Between each weekly service, event, or activity, we sanitize the Sanctuary and any other area of the facility that has been used/occupied using misting equipment and Purerox. Pureox is a proven, proprietary technology that is being used in U.S. Hospitals and doctor’s offices. This is an EPA approved system for killing Covid-19 in 60 seconds or less on surfaces and is safe to spray in the air.

2. Every surface area of the facility that has been touched by human contact is thoroughly cleaned and wiped down with disinfectant.

3. We provide hand sanitizer stations at each of the main entrances to the building and we encourage their use by everyone. We would also encourage you to carry your own personal hand sanitizer.

4. We are asking all who attend to please maintain social distancing guidelines. We are encouraging each member to wear a mask. However, if you elect to not wear a mask, we ask that you be considerate of others and maintain a healthy social distance. Also, we ask that you stay home and view our services online if you are showing any kind of sickness or symptom including allergies. Unfortunately, in these Covid times, a cough or sneeze will get you a lot of stares!

5. We have updated all our cleaning supplies to ensure that each time our facility is cleaned that it is the safest we can make it.

Please understand that any of our extra activities and events are subject to cancellation, and/or change due to the uncertainty and ever-changing Covid situations.  Remember, when we refer to the future, we make plans, not promises!  Thank you for your patience and understanding by helping your church to navigate through this terrible and sometimes devastating pandemic. Please continue to pray for the health and safety of our church family. Also, pray that God will help bring this unfortunate situation to an end.