Small Groups for Adults

Each week at Southeast we thrive on fellowship, discipleship, and community.  One of the best ways to "connect" with fellow believers is through the ministry of small groups.  At Southeast we also call it Sunday School.  Whatever the wording, you'll find  a number of small groups to choose from each Sunday morning.  Our adult groups are divided up so that you can choose which group you fit in with best.  At Southeast we want you to connect with the group you feel most comfortable.  However, in all our groups you'll find warm, friendly faces eager to meet, greet, fellowship and study God's word with.  The Christian life was never meant to be lived alone.  Let's all grow in grace together!

You'll find a listing of our adult small groups below.

  • Young Adults (College & mid-20s)

    Led by Aaron Dunlap, Room A8

    A small group of young adults meeting together to study God's Word, growing in community and encouraging one another in their walk with Christ. 

  • Adults (30s to early 50s)

    Led by Craig Osburn, Room A7

    Families with young children to college age desiring to grow in Christ, developing life-long friendships and fostering an authentic community for believers.

  • adults (50s to 60s

    Led by Lee Smith, Room A5

    Adults desiring to grow closer to God  through studying His Word, praying for one another and encouraging others in their walk with Christ.

  • "God's Armored Ladies"

    Led by Debbie Bolt, Room A9

    Ladies of all ages seeking to grow in their relationship with God and one another through discussion-led Bible studies in a genuine, authentic & caring environment. 

  • Senior Adult Ladies Class

    Led by JoAnn Webb & Peggy Parsons, Room A3

    A small group of ladies studying God's Word and encouraging each other in their walk with Jesus. 

  • Senior Adult Class 1

    Led by Larry Isom, meets in Fellowship Hall

    A large group of senior adults seeking to know God's Word, fellowship with one another and build community. 

  • Senior Adult Class 2

    Led by Jody Boyer, Room A1

    Senior adults who seek to grow closer to Jesus through knowing God's Word & encouraging one another in a small group environment. 

  • Senior Adult Class 3

    Led by Adrian Totty, Room A2

    Grow closer to God and one another in a caring, large group environment of senior adults who love Jesus and one another deeply.